Sunday, 6 May, 2007

Jack Nicholson heads Earth´s secret government

Just when u thought that the world was crazy, it gets weirder. A recent occult investigation running around the web, reports that Mr. Nicholson, with his shining smile, is the ruler of the world, the secret entrepreneur in charge of executing a global media plan of world domination. A staff passed by major studio owners and high government officers. He has also been identified as the only powerful druglord in the U.S., explaining the fact that there aren´t any dealers with notoriety, as there are so many in other countries. The allegations claim that he runs a planetary network of drug distribution, particularly cocaine, that has among its members George Bush Senior. His tactics or system is supposedly called Maia, after the Hindu goddess of seduction and illusion.

Jack Nicholson Nicholson was born at Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, New Jersey, he was brought up believing his grandparents John J. Nicholson (a department store window dresser in Asbury Park, New Jersey) and Ethel May Rhoads (a hairdresser and beautician and amateur artist in Neptune, New Jersey) were his parents. Nicholson only discovered that his parents were actually his grandparents and his sister was in fact his mother in 1974 after being informed by a Time Magazine journalist who was doing a feature on him.[5] By this time both his mother and grandmother had died (in 1963 and 1970, respectively). Nicholson has stated he does not know who his father is, saying "Only Ethel and June knew and they never told anybody". Apparently his father had practiced sacralistic rites, involving sexual alchemy and mind projection and has been linked to Aleister Crowley.

Jack is said to have slept with more than 3,000 woman, including all of the Laker Girls, for it is a requisite for the job.
He is famous for throwing orgiastic parties at his place in Mulholland Drive, where girls, cocaine, l.s.d. and other unknown substances roll freely.
He is perpetually smiling with a cynic grin that clearly reflects that he knows something we don´t.

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