Wednesday, 23 May, 2007

Cop on spacebrownies badtrips and calls 911 for help

Edward Sanchez, a Michigan state rookie cop, calls 911 after he and his wife overdosed on a couple of spacecakes (marijuana laced chocolate brownies), that Sanchez had seized from a street dealer. Apparently collective paranoia quickly sunk after Edward convinced her wife to add the weed into the magic mix. Quote " We made brownies and i think we are dead, i really do". Sanchez swore the force that he would never take narcotics again, and that he had learned his lesson "really good". State police did not present charges, but Sanchez did resign.

We can only say the obvious: marijuana is not for police officers, which are a sort of antispirit, so logically the Ganja counterattacks, sweetly dazing and confusing.

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