Friday, 18 May, 2007

cheezwiz friends: White Vision & Winkie

These two superstar pigeons are responsible for saving more than 20 lives, in addition they have been awarded different insignias by the British Royal Air Force. Their accolades include: The Dickin Medal, awarded 1943 to Winkie (first pigeon to be awarded the medal; flew 120 miles from a crashed bomber to deliver a SOS) and in 1944 to White Vision (White Vision flew 60 miles against the gale force wind with visibility down to about zero to deliver a message that saved 11 lives). Members of the Pigeon Roll of Honour and the Meritous Performance List. In 1943 the rescued crew of the Beaufort bomber held a dinner for Winkie, who basked in her cage as she was toasted by the officers. An upcoming movie, "Valiant", is based on the life and times of Winkie, the Courageous -Rainbow Petrol- Pigeon. Winkie and White Vision, both live-on in the eternity vessel of taxidermy.

Later on cheez-wiz we will analyze the mysterious sense that enables pigeons to travel hundreds of miles, in night and day, deprived of regular vision or smell, with trampled magnetic fields or sunspot storms, finding always their pigeon-house.

(A clue: Rupert Sheldrake ventures it is a sort of invisible elastic band that connects the pigeon to its house, sort of a quantum entanglement effect such as the one studied by Alain Aspect in his 1981 experiments...)

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